Do you know where to buy yarn bowls?

where-to-buy-yarn-bowls-some-answersA necessary accessory: yarn bowl

I never seriously looked into where to buy yarn bowls until early this year simply because I did not think I needed one all that much. But after thinking hard about the way I stash my yarn (including works in progress), I decided to do some searching online. This post is my little take-away on yarn bowls in general and to give you some ideas on where you could find some really good ones for cheap and reasonable prices.

“But what is a yarn bowl?” a beginner might ask


Well simply put, its a special bowl for holding yarn. Most bowls have little groove-like openings at the side to allow for the yarn within the bowl to be pulled out continuously whilst knitting. Yarn bowls can also be knitted or crocheted as well. Preference depends on each individual knitter.

Whichever type that comes in, it is a nifty little accessory that I aim to get for myself one of these days!

Types of yarn bowls

So yarn bowls are made of different materials. I’ve seen a lot of mainly ceramic and wooden ones on the market. Some are quite beautiful works of art. Some are even made of leather and glass! I do admire those who can actually make them.

There are do-it-yourself video tutorials as well on youtube if you would like to try your hand at making one and save some money in the process. Just go to and search for the “diy yarn bowls” then browse from there.

Unfortunately I can’t make one because I don’t have the time nor the tools (or the know-how). But it might be something I can convince my husband to do for me some time in the future.

The benefits of a yarn bowl

What do you get out of having a yarn bowl?

  • More organized: the yarn bowl helps you by keeping your yarn tucked away from your kids, pets, getting dirt on it by lying around the house without any proper storage place
  • A more decorative home! You could use the bowl as a display item, especially if it is a beautiful work of art handmade by an artist – would not hurt to get a few glowing comments about it from visitors to your home.
  • A temporary storage place for your “wip” (if your bowl is deep and wide enough) – more storage space is a good thing for knitters
  • An even tension in your knitting. This is dependent for some knitters on where they place the yarn bowl containing the yarn relative to where they are sitting to knit. For eg, if you are on the couch, placing the yarn bowl on the floor might negatively affect your tension. The result might be different if you place the yarn bowl on a table in front of you etc. The bottom line is that this could be a problem for some knitters which might be a disincentive to get a yarn bowl. But they say you never know until you try.
  • Portability: this depends on size. If the bowl is small, its portable. If its wide and deep, you won’t be able to take it with you wherever you go.
  • Encourages faster knitting: though I think other factors come into play as well here.

Some disadvantages to note

Some obvious disadvantages are:

  • Easily breakable if its made of glass and ceramics
  • Not portable if its large and deep
  • Expensive: this again depends on other factors like your intended uses for it, the type of material it is made out of, the process used to make it (factory-made or handmade).

About those places to check online?

Yes, well here are a few places that I have checked – not in any particular order. I just checked based on reviews and recommendations I read in various forums:


Price Ranges

Price of course varies with quality, design, type of material used and other less obvious factors. Here’s a basic comparison of the price ranges from each of the above places:

  • Amazon – the yarn bowls found here are generally priced from $13 to $50/$60. You may even find cheaper ones but this price ranges is just a rough estimate of what I figured out.
  • EBay – yarn bowls sold here are pricier, especially factoring in the shipping costs. The range looks to be between $30 and $70.
  • Etsy – yarn bowls sold here are some of the most beautiful works of art! They are all handmade by artists so obviously you can expect that the prices are generally higher than those sold on amazon. The prices from what I could tell range from $30 and over excluding shipping.
  • KnitPicks – I saw only one yarn bowl here. Maybe they will stock up on some more in future. This particular yarn bowl costs $29 and its made of wood. There were 6 reviews when I checked and they all said it was a good quality bowl just that it was a lighter brown than appeared in the photos – a minor disadvantage.

You could also check out these places. I’m sure you will find great pieces at these places too:

  • thrift stores
  • local craft festivals
  • local pottery stores
  • antique shops etc.

But if you are like me and have almost none of the above near you, then I suggest your best place to look for a yarn bowl is online.

Personal preferrences

Personal preferences will dictate to you in the end which yarn bowl you will buy. If you already have one (or more than one), do let us know where you bought them and how you are finding them so far. I could use some help in finding mine online as well!

Have some great places to share about where to buy yarn bowls? Leave a comment below – I will be happy to hear from you.

Until next time, happy knit stitching!


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