Are there any caron cakes yarn in Australia?

This is a question I have been asking too: are there any caron cakes yarn in Australia? Its like another similar question I had regarding knit picks yarn. Thankfully for knit picks yarn, there is a notice on their website that says they ship to Australia now (yay!).

Why was I so excited about that? It means I can order knit picks yarn through family or friends in Australia and get them to post it to me in PNG. That way I can save on shipping costs. Anyway that’s for another post but you see why I ask the same question regarding caron cakes yarn? 🙂

So the direct answer to the above question is:

No, I don’t believe they are physically sold in Australia. But can you order them online from Australia? You definitely can! Unfortunately, with the distribution arrangements that are in place, ordering online from resellers will cost you more than the regular price. So I guess from here on, you will have to decide whether you are willing to fork the extra money to get some of these lovely yarn for yourself in Australia.

Help offered here

If you are seriously thinking of buying some online, this post is going to shed some light on places that you could find caron cakes yarn online if you are in Australia (or anywhere else outside the US for that matter) based on some research that I did recently.

To be clear, the results I talk about below are results of where and how much you can get the yarn at resellers sites online.

Only one distributor

A quick note before I get into that: for those of you who were not aware, caron cakes yarn is manufactured in USA and as far as I understand it, this yarn is distributed by Michaels chain of stores in the USA and Canada. Michaels has exclusive rights of distribution. Meaning you can’t source the yarn from another source at the price they offer except at Michaels. I believe you also cannot order it online from outside the US because they don’t do international shipping.

For people like me who live outside of the US, this is not favourable! So what do we do? We go online to see if we could snatch some of this yarn up through reseller sites at reasonable prices.

Online Sellers

So to help you out here is my list of the places that sell these yarn and the corresponding prices at which it is sold.

  • Amazon – prices start from $8.50/ cake the last time I checked.
  • EBay – out of the sites that I came across, sites on eBay generally seemed to sell the yarn cheaper (that is, closer to its original retail price of $7.99/cake) than other sites. For example one site sold it at $8.25 excluding shipping of course. This is the lowest I’ve seen so far.
  • Etsy – higher unit prices here. For example, one store is selling the yarn for $9.99/cake (about AUD 13.80) excluding shipping. Whilst another store is selling the yarn at almost $17!
  • American yarns ( – according to this online store, they are awaiting delivery of their caron cakes yarn which will be available in Australia as early as March 2017. They are based in Melbourne Australia so that’s hopefully good news for knitters/crafters in Melbourne. There is no indication as to how much it will be sold for per cake but hopefully it will be cheaper than what some of the other online stores are currently offering. You could pre-order your  Aron cakes from them and wait for March!
  • Yarnover ( – Again, no indication of price but the fact that it will be sold locally is probably a good thing! We’ll just wait and see.

But generally, I would say prices from online resellers range from $8.25 to $17.00 excluding shipping.

Current Sale at Michaels!

Did I mention that Michaels currently have this yarn on sale for $5.00/cake on their website (they should consider offering international shipping, seriously!). Or even better is Caron could open up distribution to other retailers.

The regular price is of this yarn at Michaels is $7.99 and they also offer regular sales for you to take advantage of as well as coupons. So if you are in US this is great news if you’ve been thinking of getting some.

Other Options To Consider

  • Of course, if you have family or friends living in the US, you could always arrange payment and delivery within US and then ask whoever is travelling to Australia to bring the yarn with them.OR..
  • You could try using an alternative yarn, something with similar characteristics to caron cakes. I can help you out with that as well. OR..
  • You could experiment by making one yourself if you are feeling creative and adventurous enough. I know there are a number of vidoes on YouTube that show how its done.

In Conclusion

I hope this post has helped you become more aware of your options of finding caron cakes yarn in Australia. I for one am looking forward to the day when caron cakes yarn can be shipped internationally straight from Michaels or any other approved distributor. In the meantime I will stick around for the announcement from either or!

By the way, I know that there’s two opposing views held by knitters on whether or not caron cakes yarn is awesome. I am on neither side because I haven’t tried it myself. I would like to think its great rather than not because I’m sure all yarn has good AND bad attributes. Its just a matter of figuring out whether it has enough good points to work for you and your purposes.

If you have worked with this yarn and would like to share your experience with it, please leave a comment below. Also if you have any question on anything I have said in this post, leave a comment and I will be happy to help you out.

Happy Knit Stitching and Happy 2017!