Learn how to knit for beginners

Learning to knit is easy

I want to start off by saying that it’s not hard to learn how to knit for beginners! Really it’s not. All you need in my humble opinion are these things:

  • internet connection
  • good phone/tablet/laptop to watch videos
  • where to go to watch/download videos
  • time to learn (this includes patience!)

For me, these are the starting points. Of course I left out knitting needles and yarn because that goes without saying.

Three essential stitches to master

Okay so, to learn how to knit you firstly must learn how to do these three things:

  • Cast on / off
  • knit stitch
  • purl stitch

That’s it! Simple as that. So how do you learn to do these? Easy, you watch videos that show just how to do them. Videos are not the only way to learn knitting of course but I found that I pick up quicker when I watch a good video tutorial. Knitting is a very hands-on physical thing so unless you have a family member who knows how to knit and is willing to teach you, or a local knitting class or group that you can go to, I would suggest resorting to watching videos online.

The Best Videos Inspire Knitting!

Now, a note on videos: there are MANY videos online to help you learn the above. If you do a simple google or YouTube search you will confirm this.

I myself am no expert at knitting but what I can do is share with you which videos and people online I found to be really helpful when I first started to learn how to knit.

I went through MANY videos on beginner knitting by knitters all around the web. But here is a list of who I liked and learned from the best. (By the way, this list is just based on my experience and preferences. You will no doubt have your own list. It is only intended as a guide to help you get started.)

Top 5 Video Tutorials/Lessons By…

1. Kristen from GoodKnitKisses.com

Here is why I like the videos by Kristen:

  • angle at which she captures her knitting: the camera is positioned from the viewpoint of we the viewers, making it very easy to follow. You can remember the steps easily
  • use of big needles and yarn as well. This allows people to see clearly the stitches being made but also generally to get used to the hand movements made during knitting
  • Narration is clear as the demos are being done. Plus she sounds very warm and friendly. Her voice puts you at ease and gives you confidence as you follow along. Oh, did I mention the lovely background music?

2. Studioknitsf.com by Kristen McDowell


This is a great website that has lessons on almost everything you need to learn when starting out. The video tutorials are easy to follow, structured well and done at a good pace to allow people to follow.

Again the camera captures the knitting upfront so you can easily follow and knit along as well.

3. howcast.com – tutorials done by Jessica Kaufman

I like her videos because they are clear, she explains well as she demonstrates. Again the angle of the camera is good and close up which allows you to easily follow. I also like the way the videos are structured.

4. newstitchaday.com

Again, the structure of videos is great. Also, the angle of camera. It just focuses on the knitting and makes it easy for you to follow through. The videos are accompanied by narration, which I prefer as opposed to videos with just words and demos.

5. knitpicks.com

I like knitpicks videos because the quality of the videos is great! The videos are accompanied by narration which is a must for me.

These videos are what worked for me as a beginner and helped me master the basics of doing a cast on off, a knit stitch, and a purl stitch.

I hope this has been helpful and that you will check out the above resources. And if you have come across some awesome resources that you feel should be given a shout out to and or added to the above, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Happy KnitStitching!



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