As I stated elsewhere on this site, there are tons of yarns, needles and supplies out there to choose from. For a beginner, this is overwhelming. I’ve been there!

In fact, I still get overwhelmed when I’m looking at yarn in online shops. But you and I know they are a knitter’s paradise! The choices are endless. BUT…

The dilemma slow-down-what-do-i-do

What to get?? Where to start?? How do you know what you are buying is good value and worth your money? making-a-decision

Just trying to decide the best yarn for knitting a baby blanket for example, can take you hours and even days of research, especially if you are a beginner. It can also be a very stressful exercise for some. How would you know what you are getting is great quality and a good buy as well?

Resolving the dilemma provide-answers

This is where I want to help. I love spending time learning about this stuff. Let me help you decide by doing the research for you. I will try to be as thorough and informative as I can in my upcoming reviews. But on the other hand I’ll try not to give an overdose of information!

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

Do you have a particular yarn or needles that you would like me to do research on? Let me know and I will surely get back to you with my results. I am here to help you and learn from you as well. Let’s make this a two-way street.

Happy knitstitching!