What is the best place to buy yarn online? A knitter’s perspective

I wanted to post about my best place to buy yarn online. But then I realised that I have more than one actually 🙂 best-place-to-buy-yarn-online

Don’t we just love browsing all that gorgeous yarn that’s online?! In my city, there is no local yarn shop and so when I have free time I spend hours browsing yarn online. I enjoy doing that. Its therapeutic and I always come away awed and inspired to knit,knit,knit!

I am doing a series of posts to share with you some of my favourite places to go. I will deal with one website at a time to avoid information overload!

The beginner’s challenges..

One major challenge I had when I first started browsing the yarn in online shops was feeling overwhelmed with the variety! And I realised I could not really make up my mind on anything to buy because I was just not informed enough about YARN itself. Have you ever been in that situation? Its frustrating.

Its true that knowledge and a good understanding of yarn will go a long way to helping you select the best yarn for your next project! I can say now that researching different types of yarn has put me in a better position to buy yarn online even if I haven’t touched it with my hands! For me that’s one of the biggest advantages of taking the time to learn about the properties of fibers in yarn. different-types-of-yarn

Now onto that list: By far, the best online place for me is…

#1. Ice yarns – www.iceyarns.com (based in Turkey)

Reasons why I love shopping at iceyarns.com:

1. Generally lower prices compared to other sites

2. Great deals and promotions

3. Quality yarns and wide variety

4. Worldwide shipping

5. Fast delivery

Not necessarily in that order. The best features for me are the low prices and worldwide shipping. I have had the experience of browsing online shops and really liking the yarn only to find that they don’t ship to my country. Now when checking out a site for yarn I always check the FAQ or shipping information tabs first to confirm whether they ship to my country before I even start to look at any of the products.

Low prices – the big sell

The first time I visited iceyarns.com I thought are these prices for real?! The prices are so low. For example, yesterday I wanted to check out an acrylic yarn fine weight (2) to knit a baby blanket. On the site I easily found the yarn by using the filters. By the way, most times I like to start filtering by fiber content. I found that prices for this yarn range from $2 to $13 per pack. Each pack generally contains about 4 to 8 skeins. So you can already see that the price per skein could go as low as less the $0.50! Crazy.And even better, most of the yarn are on promotion or sale (or both) or bargains and clearances. There are daily deals that you could take advantage of on any given day.

Having highlighted the good stuff there are a number of downsides as well.


1. Yarn is not sold individually, only in packs or lots. Some knitters see this as a bad thing. I think its great though. It all depends on a knitters needs.

2. The shipping cost seems high! I felt discouraged when I first checked it out. But when I added the price of a pack and the shipping cost then divided by the number of skeins in a pack, it actually worked out much cheaper per skein! So I think its very reasonable. Don’t let the shipping costs discourage you..and please choose DHL express as your shipping option if you want your yarn in 3/4 days time. If you’d like to save more and don’t mind waiting a few weeks for your yarn, select regular mail as your shipping option. One thing I always do when calculating my total cost is to put items in cart then go to checkout and select in the address my country, then the shipping option.

3. Other popular brands like caron, bernat, lily, patons etc are not carried on the site. Imagine if these brands were sold at the prices offered by ice yarns! It probably will never happen. Its just a thought.

Fantastic reviews

If you would like to read reviews on the yarn itself, I can provide links to them below. (I always take the time to read other customers reviews just to make sure I’m making the right choice). I myself will be reviewing some of the yarn I work with from iceyarns so keep a look out for these posts as well.

In conclusion, if you are a knitter who loves collecting great quality yarn at bargain prices,ice yarns is perfect for you. You can build up your stash quite quickly with yarn from there 🙂 And you can knit all kinds of things with it too. Yarn addicts, you know what I mean 🙂 🙂 best-place-to-buy-yarn-online

Remember I said I had several favourite websites..so get ready for website number 2!

I would like to leave you with a question: Are you an impulsive yarn buyer? Or do you usually buy yarn based on a pattern’s requirements? Leave me a comment below – I’m just curious and would like to know.

If you have your own best place to buy yarn online, drop me a line as well. We can definitely benefit from swapping shopping tips to save more!

With that, happy knitstitching!



  1. Netta says:

    Hey Serah:

    Thanks for the information about ice yarns. As a mixed-media artist who makes books I tend to get tripped out by all the incredible colors, textures and varieties of strings and yarns and things for tying.

    One of my friends is a major knitting fanatic. (Her works have been featured in local art galleries and she’s making a run at teaching what she does to other knitting fools as a way to supplement her income.) I get a lot of her leftover bits. I’ll let her know about this one.

    • admin says:

      Hi Netta, thanks for dropping by with a comment. That’s a cool way for your friend to earn a side income. Im sure she’s doing quite well teaching other knitting fools :).

      Yes collecting yarn is addictive and I know that knitters are always looking for a bargain. Ice yarns is a great place to find a bargain any day but most especially on Tuesdays. Thanks for offering to share this post. Take care.

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