Early thoughts on yarn

Starting out as a beginner back in 2013, I had no idea that there were so many different types of yarn that you could find online. types-of-yarn-online

The only type of yarn I had ever seen was the acrylic one because that is what is available in the stores in my country. If you ever come to PNG (short for Papua New Guinea) you would see this yarn everywhere. Its used predominantly by women to make handbags known in the local dialect as “bilums”.

Of course at the time I started learning to knit, I did not know the difference between “acrylic” and say “wool” for example. I just simply thought they were all the same! I know now that that was very ignorant.

The beauty of the internet

The beauty of the internet is that you can learn anything you want to learn just by doing a search on Google or Bing etc.

So that’s exactly what I did and I was amazed at the variety of yarn available online – wow! So mind blowing and overwhelming too. double-wow

I spent hours online looking at yarn in online shops, reading about the different types of yarn, and just basically absorbing as much information as I could about yarn and knitting in general.

Fast forward to 2016,I now have my own stash of yarn that I either ordered online or bought overseas on work-related trips. My stash continues to grow 🙂

Important point about yarn

The number one thing I wanted to say about yarn here is that yarn can be used to make ALOT of things for your home, your kids, your husband, your friends and family. Its such a rewarding feeling to be able to create something with your own hands that is uniquely yours to share. Something that others will use and also appreciate you for!

Knowledge is power!

But did you know that there are different yarns for knitting different items? I did not know that starting out. I quickly found out that this is true. Knowing about the properties of the fibers that make up a particular yarn is crucial to knitting a great quality item. For example, if you wanted to knit a dishcloth, you can’t just buy any yarn. You would need a yarn that has certain properties such as:
– absorbent
– inelastic
– durable
– machine washable etc.

Stay tuned..

In my upcoming posts on the topic of yarn, I will be sharing with you the information I’ve learned about yarn but focusing more on the properties of the fibers that make up the yarn.As I stated earlier, knowing the properties of different fibers in a yarn will help you not only knit a quality item but first and foremost will help you make informed decisions when choosing yarn online for your next knitting project.

If you have any questions related to yarn that you would like help on, or would like to share your story about how you began knitting, drop me a line and I would be more than happy to help or hear from you!

With that, happy knit stitching! knitting-excitement